Here's What You Should Expect From Any Broker You Work With:

You should expect to be treated with respect, not like a number. You should feel like the broker's only client, not like transaction #34. You should expect to have your best interests represented. The whole moving process should be as painless as possible. Your broker's eye shouldn't be on your wallet, but on serving you selflessly. Your broker should not think of you as a transaction that will be gone in a few months, but more like a friend and a client for life.

You should expect your broker to work as hard for you as he would if he were buying or selling his own house. You should expect the highest skills available. Your calls should be returned promptly, you should be kept up to date, and not feel like you were forgotten by your broker.

If any problems do arise, your broker should go overboard to fix them and document everything diligently so that you are protected. After the transaction, you should expect your broker to be a trusted advisor that you can consult anytime. You should feel like you were represented professionally, and that you came out the better for it.

Why We Have a Lot to Lose!

Our business is built on referrals. What this means to you is that we don't spend a lot of time on prospecting activities to find new clients as other brokers do. So you get all of our attention and energy. We feel that by providing you with the best real estate experience you ever had, you will naturally want your friends and associates to have the same benefit. When this happens, we can devote even more time to making our service the best available.

Since we don't knock on doors or make cold telephone calls, we depend on referrals to grow our business. We HAVE TO give you excellent service. You MUST be happy, or there will be no referrals from you, and our business will suffer. So we don't see you as just a transaction, here today and gone tomorrow. We're not superstars, pushing people through some kind of assembly line, but we see ourselves as super servants. We treat your business with great respect, and want to be your REALTORs for life.

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